Choosing an Implant or Cosmetic Dentist


Adam receiving his “Patient Choice Best Restorative Case” award at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2015

Probably the most important decision to make after actually deciding to have implant or cosmetic dentistry in the first place…who you ask to do it. To date, there are no restrictions in the UK on who is allowed to place and restore dental implants or carry out cosmetic dentistry, so unfortunately there are good and bad surgeons around and a wide range of fees that they charge. Often those new to placing implants will offer cheap fees to gain experience and the story is the same with cosmetic dentistry. It is VITAL that you ask to see examples of the work produced by a dentist and they should be more than happy to show many cases illustrating their work.
Adam has placed over 3200 dental implants over the last 14 years with an audited survival rate of over 99.52% (14 failures where implant has been lost; to June 2015)

It is important that you look at the following when choosing a dental surgeon:

Professional reputation
Recommendations from past patients
Case studies that show excellence
Formal qualifications.

The Diploma In Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons is considered to be the ‘Gold standard’ qualification in Implant Dentistry. Adam has passed (by examination) the Advanced Diploma in Implant Dentistry RCS. This higher level qualification covers bone grafting as well as placing and restoring dental implants. There are of course some dentists that have worked well within implant dentistry and not gained any qualifications so this makes it difficult in deciding who is competent

Adam’s style of treatment

Adam strives to create cosmetic work that replicates the very best in nature. He does not offer ‘Only Way Is Essex’ teeth! In his view the un-natural super white look seen in the mouths of Rylan and Simon Cowell do nothing to enhance beauty and in a few short years will go out of fashion whilst the ‘healthy natural’ look will be timeless. In reality it is very easy to create a set of super white piano key teeth whereas designing and making the examples seen in the galleries on this website take many years of study and expertise.

There is a fine balance between health and beauty and in the bad old days of cosmetic dentistry, lots of healthy tooth structure was sacrificed just to allow veneers to be fitted. Today there is a high emphasis on maintaining as much sound healthy tooth as possible and modern techniques and materials allow this more than ever before

Adam is also very careful to only offer cosmetic treatment to patients he feels are able to care for the work long term. His best adverts are walking around in the mouth of his patients so he only fits work when it will reflect excellence.

Membership of organisations

You may often see on websites and in adverts dentists quoting membership of an ‘academy of cosmetic dentistry’ and whilst such organisations often provide excellent courses for dentists to attend, anyone can join them so this is NOT a qualification. The main two are the ‘American academy of cosmetic dentistry (AACD)’ and the ‘British Academy of cosmetic dentistry (BACD)’. There are no entry requirements to either organisation so don’t take a dentist’s membership of either as a sign of experience or quality. Adam is a member of the Association of Dental Implantology which is a study group organisation where implantologists meet to further their knowledge of dental implant care. The ADI produces guidelines on best practice in the field of implantology and Adam uses these in his day to day practice.