Implant Systems

Adam now only uses 1 implant system Straumann. Straumann is one of the 4 main premier worldwide implant systems and is considered by many to be one of the best. Adam chose Straumann as his system as it has the longest research data of any manufacturer going back around 40 years and for the exceptional quality of it’s components. If you would like to read more about Straumann’s scientific research CLICK HERE If you are choosing to have implant work provided, Straumann can offer the longest research data and success rates of any system on the market and one of the highest overall success rates.

There are over 130 implant systems worldwide from the big Swiss and German manufacturers to Chinese, Brazilian and Korean cheap systems. The quality of the implant systems varies enormously very much as you would expect with cars and precision engineering. Cheap implant systems have higher failure rates in many cases and should there be problems after a few years there may not be the support or backup available to deal with issues.

Because you should only ever have to have a dental implant procedure once, it is false economy to go for a cheap system offered by a dentist and risk failure. A better prospect is to have a quality implant placed once and fitted to last long term.

Laboratory Work

Adam has selected only ONE laboratory to produce all his implant crown and bridgework and the lab owner and head ceramist Philip Reddington makes all of the beautiful crowns, bridges and veneers that you see on the gallery pages. Adam found that using larger commercial labs years ago was a bit hit and miss when it came to the final cosmetic results so he formed a long-term working partnership with Philip to ensure consistent work to the highest standards. Philip’s lab is a Straumann platinum provider which means that it has been approved by Straumann to deliver only the highest level of workmanship