Frequently asked questions and answers

Q. How long does the implant process take?

A. The shortest time form implant placement to fitting of the final implant restoration is 3 months. This assumes that the tooth has already been removed, the area and mouth are healthy and free of infection and that there is sufficient bone. In cases where teeth need removing first, infection being present or where bone grafting is required, the process can take longer. Bone grafts add 3-4 months to the timescale and sinus grafts can add 6 to 9 months

Q. What can cause implant problems?

A. For the most part poor home care by the patient is one of the biggest causes of problems. Just like natural teeth, implant restorations need very thorough cleaning and care to prevent gum infections. Certain medical issues can increase the likelihood of problems. Smoking, Diabetes and past gum disease can place implants at greater risk of failure. We suggest that all smokers stop smoking completely to give implants the best chance of success

Q. If I have a regular dentist already, can they look after me after I have implants?

A. Yes. All dentists should be aware of how to care for implants but I am always happy to write to your own dentist to advise them of how they should care for your implant work. Well trained dental hygienists should be aware of how to care for the cleaning and gum health around implants.

Q. What guarantees come with implant work?

A. I offer a 10 year guarantee with Straumann implants and a 5 year one with Implantium. This is not to say that I expect problems after this time but I cannot guarantee anything for life. Well cared for implants have a very high chance of lasting lifelong but this is more down to how well things are cared for than how well the work was done in the first place. Compare this to a car which can last many years is serviced regularly and driven carefully.

Q. Do you offer discounts or deals on implants?

A. No.

Q. I have been for several consultations and found somewhere doing implants / veneers cheaper. Will you match their prices?

A. No. The price I quote allows me to do work to the highest standards; reducing this cost means something has to give and I would never compromise on the quality of the finished result. There will ALWAYS be someone offering the cheapest price; there is a reason why it’s cheap! Simple economics prevents you getting the best quality at the cheapest price, especially when it comes to healthcare.