Implant Care

Dental implants need just as much care as natural teeth. Implant crowns and bridges should be cleaned twice daily with normal toothbrushing using normal toothpaste. Cleaning around the gum line is particularly important and electric toothbrushes are very good for this. I advise the use of interdental cleaning brushes such as TePe brushes and the use of floss.

Regular visits to a dental hygienist is also advised to ensure implants are being cleaned effectively and also to remove harmful tartar and plaque that may have built up. Failure to clean effectively can lead to inflammation and ultimately failure of a dental implant.

Mouthwashes are not necessary but there is no harm in using them if you feel it makes your mouth cleaner. They are NOT a substitute for effective brushing.

As part of the assessment for suitability for dental implants, your level of oral hygiene and gum condition is carefully looked at. I will not place implants in any patient with active gum disease or poor oral hygiene. In some cases a course of gum treatment with the dental hygienist is needed before implant care can commence.

Treatment Guarantee

Dental implants are extremely successful and in a fit, healthy patient that cares for their mouth well, should last long term. As I select implant cases carefully and decline to treat high risk implant situation, I am pleased to off a 5 year guarantee against failure of the implant(s) and restorations placed on top. The guarantee comes with some conditions that you need to be aware of:
  • You return to me on an annual basis for inspection and x-ray of your dental implant or..
  • You have your dentist check your implant and take an x-ray of it on an annual basis and their notes clearly state that the implant has been checked
  • Any problems identified with your implant are reported to me immediately and you attend for an assessment and any necessary reparative work
  • Trauma from an external source is NOT covered. If you partake in contact sports or high risk activities such as squash, cricket, horse riding etc. I strongly advise you have a custom made mouthguard made and fitted by your dentist.
  • You must attend any recommended dental hygienist appointments to appropriately care for your implant work