COSMETIC BRIDGEWORK Case studies by Dr Adam Glassford

The following pictures are all before and after cases prepared and completed entirely by Dr Adam Glassford and his ceramic technician. No photo re-touching or digital enhancement has been used whatsoever

Ceramic bridgework replacing old bridges

This case shows old bridgework that has been in place for over 10 years. Despite there being no decay, the patient wanted this tired looking bridgework replacing. The work consisted on Maryland style bridges suspended from the canine teeth and crowns on the central incisors.
A planning ‘diagnostic wax up’ model was produced to design the new look. This model is used to communicate the changes to the patient and then to fabricate the temporary bridgework. Here the temporaries have just been fitted to check the look. The temporary material is available in a range of shades and A2 was chosen here. The final bridgework shade was lifted to A1 after the patient had had a chance to live with the temporaries for 2 weeks.
Final bridgework just fitted. The soft tissues will settle around the margins of the new teeth and look totally natural within a day. The shade chosen was slightly lighter than the surrounding teeth and this is acceptable as the bridgework replaces all 6 front teeth. The bridgework consists of 2 x 3 tooth bridges each spanning canine to central incisor. The ‘false’ tooth on each birdge is fully cleanable beneath using TePe brushes or floss